How To Write An SEO Friendly Article?

Today’s Topic – How To Write SEO Friendly Article! If You Want To Do Good By Blogging On The Website, Today’s Article Is Very Important For You.

If We Can Write All The Articles On Our Website Created SEO Friendly, Then It Is Possible To Gain A Very Good Ranking On Other SURS Engines Including Google.

An SEO Friendly Article Ranking Makes It Easier To Work 5-7%. And If The Opposite Is True, Then You Realize That There Are Many Problems In The Rankings, So There Is A Possibility Of Banning The Site. Unlike SEO Friendly, I Mean Articles That Are Mostly Copyrighted, Edited By Others.

If You Do Not Write In The 5% SEO Friendly Article Style, Butt Article Is Unique, Then The Rankings Can Be Slowed Down But Still. And Unique Articles Are Usually 1-5% Auto SEO Friendly.

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I Have Talked A Lot About The Role. Let’s Start With The Details –

The First To Write SEO Friendly Article – Select The Maine Keyword

First, Choose A Good Profitable Main Keyword For The Topic You Will Write The Article For. Two Things To Consider In Choosing The Maine Keyword –

  • Search Bolom And
  • Keyword Competition

Many Times The Search Volume May Not Sound Like Yours, But If You Work On A Keyword That May Be Good For Future Search Volumes, It Will Come Up Very Early In The Ranking, And When The Keyword’s Search Volume Is Submitted To Google’s Robot, Moving From The Rankings Will Be Difficult For Others. So Working With This Type Of Keyword Doesn’t Hurt.

When Choosing Keywords, KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio) Is Best If You Can Select Keywords And Write Articles.

What Is The KGR Keyword? In This Topic I Wrote An Article In Detail. You Can Come From Here.

After Selecting The Meek Keyword, Create A Sitemap Or Roadmap To Rank It On The First Page Of Google.

The Tasks That You Have To Do

  • Select The Article Title, Place The Main Keyword Inside The Title And Make The Title Eye Eye Catchy, So That Anyone Who Wants To Click On Your Title, It Is A Matter.
  • You Must Try To Put The Main Keyword Inside Permalink And Keep The Permalink As Short As Possible.
  • Technically Try To Place The Keyword In The Meta Tags And Meta Descriptions. The Meta Tag Doesn’t Work Anymore, So You Must Keep The Main Keyword Once In The Meta Descriptions.

Note: The Main Keyword In An Article Should Not Be Dealt With More Than One, Which May Have A Negative Effect.

SEO Rules Of Image Usage

  • 1% Abstain From Copyright Images.
  • Try To Keep The Main Title In The Image Title, Altertag, And Image Descriptions.
  • Put The Maine Keyword Directly On Altertag.
  • Do Not Enter The Main Keyword Directly On The Image Title, First Add Something Later.
  • Do Not Give Too Much In The Emacs Descriptions, Will Finish Within 3-5 Wards.
  • Do Not Set The Main Keyword Directly In The Descriptions , But Add Some Before.

Note: Entering The Main Keyword Directly Into The Image Title And Image Description Will Not Be SEO Friendly. So Again, I Will Add Something Before The Maine Keyword. And The Above Points Are Just In Terms Of Feature Image. Other Than The Feature Image, The Category Image That We Use In Different Articles, It Is Better Not To Put The Main Main Keyword In The Category Image, Try To Add Some Before.

The Above Article Is Basic SEO Optimization. This Time We Will Point Out Some Important Points About The Body Section Of The Article

Article Article Friendly

The Words That Need To Be Used More To Persuade The User To Do More Will Not Be A Problem. Many People Think That Words Like The, And, So, Etc., And Mix-Languages ​​Are Less Useable Or Better.

It Doesn’t Really Matter. If You Need To Use These Words More To Persuade Your Listeners Then You Will Certainly Use Them More.

Google Robots Have The Ability To Make The Most Sense When It Comes To The User-Friendly Words You Are Using.

Don’t Try To Force The Maine Keyword Into The Body

There Is No Need To Force The Maine Keyword In The Body Section Of The Article. Try To Use The Keyword’s Synonymus. For Example, If Your Keyword Is Android Phone User, Then You – Smart Phone User, USA Android User Will Try To Use It.

Make Proper Use Of The Head Tag

The Title Of The Article Is Published In H1 Tag. So The Body Section Headings H2 / H3 / H4 Are Best Placed Within This Quota. The H1 Tag Can Be Used Once In An Article, SEO Usage Is Not An Article If Used More Than That.

I Have Said Before That There Is No Need To Force Use Of The Maine Keyword Body Section Anywhere, If Necessary. If That Doesn’t Happen Again, You Need To Use The Maine Keyword But You Are Not. Try To Use It Technically.

The Headlines That You Type In The Body Section Using The Head Tag H2 / H3 / H4, Try To Place The Main Keyword Inside The Headline. If You Can’t Keep It, You Don’t Have To Go Forcing.

Many Times You Will Find That Your Headline Total Is 5am, At 5am You Cannot Keep The Maine Keyword And The Other Two Cannot. No Problem, There Is No Need To Keep The Other Two. But Keep Trying.

Maintain Distance In The Maine Keyword In The Body Section

If You Place The Keyword In The First Paragraph Of The Article, You Will Try To Put The Synonym Of The Keyword At The End Of The Paragraph. If You Put The Keyword First In Another Paragraph, Then You Will Try To Put The Key One Part At The End Of That Paragraph. In This Case, You Can Use The Relative Words Of The Keyword.

If Your Body Section Contains Paragraphs 8-12, Then Try To Adjust The Keyword Rules In The First Few Paragraphs. Again Try To Put The Keyword On The Same System In The Last Paragraph.

The Rules For Writing SEO Friendly Articles End Here. I Know You Will Have Some Trouble Understanding It. After Reading The Article A Few Times You Will Understand.

When You Sit Down To Write The First SEO Friendly Article , It Is Important To Think Carefully. If You Can Write A Few Articles In A Timely Manner, You Will Find That After Writing SEO Optimized Articles, Everything Will Be Fine.

Something Important

  • SEO Optimized Articles Are Good If It Is 3-5 Words.
  • Grammarly Don’t Make Mistakes, Grammarly Add-Ons Will Be Installed In Your Browser If Necessary.
  • Do Not Publish Any Article On The Site By Rewriting. SEO Friendly Will Never Happen If 5% Is Not Unique.

I’ve Tried To Say A Lot. I Cannot Say How Much You Understand, But I Have Tried To Explain Well. Following The Above Rules, You Will Have No Problem Writing SEO Friendly Articles In The Next Article If You Write 5/1 Article!

If You Want To See Yourself As An Expert In SEO, You Can Read An Article From Here . Do Not Become An Expert When I Read My Article. If You Can Do What I Tell You About Expert Systems, InshaAllah You Can Become A Successful Person In The SEO Industry.


How To Write A SEO Friendly Article I Just Finished This Article Here Like Today. If You Like This Article, Please Share It With Your Friends. If You Have Any Questions, Please Comment In The Box So Far Today. Thanks!

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