How To Do YouTube SEO? You Can Read The Blog For Details.

How To Do YouTube SEO? You Can Read The Blog For Details.

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Welcome To My Website . Today I’ll Talk About YouTube SEO . The Content That We Upload To YouTube, Before Uploading The Content, When Uploading And After Uploading, Has To Do Something.

How To Do YouTube SEO I Will Try To Explain This Tip In Detail With Some Tips. Hopefully Today’s Blog Will Give You A Positive Knowledge Of YouTube SEO .

What Do We Mean By SEO?

SEO’s Full Term Is – Search Engine Optimization . That Is, Optimize Your Content With Google / YouTube So That Google / YouTube Understands That This Is Good Content, That Content Needs To Be Conveyed To People.

When Google’s Search Engine And YouTube Robots Realize That Your Content Is Really Relevant, Your Optimized Content Will Be Delivered To Google / YouTube. This Way Your Content Or Your YouTube Channel Will Become Popular Through Your Content.

There Are So Many Articles About SEO, People Talk About SEO In Many Ways. I Thought I Would Share My Knowledge With You. But Today I Will Tell You How To Do YouTube Content –

  • Before Uploading The Content.
  • When Uploading And
  • After Uploading The Content.

SEP Or Off-Page SEO Before Uploading 

First, Edit The Video Content That You Upload To Your Channel And Finish It. After Editing, Doing Some Offpay SEO Before Uploading Will Play A Good Role In Ranking Your Video Content.

Name The Video Content – The Name Of The Topic You Created The Video With. Do Not Give A Name That Does Not Match The Name Of The Video Content.

Then Go To The Details Of The Video Properties And Write Some Real Truth About The Video. Information Such As Titles, Subtitles, Ranking Marks, Tags, Comments, Names, Etc. Set Up All The Information Correctly. Hopefully You Will Understand By Looking At The Following Skin Sorts.

Off-Page SEO Only For Video Content? – No, Not Just For Video Content. The Same Way For Your Video Thumbnail Will Turn Offpages SEO.

Thumbnail When Creating. The Image Of Thamaneila JP G Format Serves The Will. PN-G Format, If You Serve, But You Can Not Optimize.

Off-Page SEO During Upload

Onepage Optimize’s Work Is A Bit Much. Here You Have To Prove Your Patience. Upload The Unlisted State To Work Onpages. There Are A Lot Of Parts To Follow For Optimizing On-Page –

Saving The Right Title – Suppos You Made A Video On YouTube SEO. Now, If You Want To Know The Title Of This Video Content, Your SEO Score Will Be Well Thought Out.

Now You Can Use Many Free Tools To View SEO Scores. VIdiQ , TubeBuddy Will Be Able To See The SEO Score Without Installing These Two Free Extensions From Google Chrome.

Write Decryption Properly – YouTube Lets You Use 5 Characters To Write Decryption. And If You’re Writing A Decryption With A 9/25 Character, How Do Your Videos Rank? You Need To Enter A Descriptive Description Of The Video Related 8-20 Characters.

This Will Allow Your Video To Become Better Known To YouTube Robots And Rank Your Video. In The Description You Will Give Your Various Social Media Links, Website Links, Video Related Things To Some Keywords. In This Way The Atlas Will Try To Give A Decryption Of 8-20 Characters.

Tag Sorting – While Tag Removal Is Not The Most Important Issue For Iso Yo, Tags Are Needed To Bring About Fairly Good Quality Results. Many Use The Reverse Tag, As The Video Ranks! Don’t Do It. These Will Get The Bed Effect For Your Video.

And Now YouTube Has Many Updates. Rules Of Regulation Are Becoming More And More Difficult. Tag Your Content Related. YouTube Has Also Given A Limit Of 5 Characters For Tagging. I Recommend Tagging Between 20-25 Characters. It Doesn’t Need More Or Less.

Once The Upload Is 5% Complete, Do Some SEO

When The 5% Upload Is Finished In The Unlisted Mode, Do Some Work –

End Skin – Add Other Video Links To Your Video List. This Will Increase Your View. Suppose, When You Upload A Video Related To SEO, You Can Add A Link To Another SEO Related Video You Wish To Have At The End Of The SEO Related Video, Which You Uploaded Earlier.

Keep Doing This – When People Come To The Last Part Of Your Video After Watching A Video, You Have Added A Link To Another Video Of The Same Topic, Which Will Increase Your View. Because If One Person Gets Good Value From A Video Then Your Other Video Will Be Viewed By The People.

And If You Organize Your Other Videos With Ind-Skin Like This, Then This Is A Great Benefit For Audiences. Troubled And Could Not Watch Your Channel. End Skin’s Work Is Short-Lived – Your Content Is Beautifully Crafted In Video Videos. The Skirt Is Shown In The Skirt Below –


Cards – Cards Are Links To Your Videos In A Slightly Different Way. When Playing The Video – An Eye Character Option Is Seen In The Upper Right Hand Corner Of The Video.

When You Go To The Card Option, Your Other Videos Or Playlists Of The Video Will Be Set Inside A Video With This Card. This Will Become One More Task Of Your On-Page SEO.

When Audience Clicks On The 1I Option In The Upper Right To Watch A Video – A Link To Some Of The Other Videos In Your Channel Will Appear.

If Audience Thinks That The Video Provided By Your Card Option May Be Good, Then Audience Can Click. And You Are More Likely To Increase Your Views. You Can Understand It By Watching The Skirts.

Subtitles – If Your Video Is In A Language Other Than English. Then Try To Use English Subtitles. It Will Be Great To Have Your On Page As Well. The Skin Sort Is Below – 

Sharing On Social Media – If You Make Video For AdSense Then You Will Share It On Different Social Media After Making The Video Unlisted. It Is Possible To Get A Large Amount Of Views.

You Understand That Onepage SEO You Have To Do With Some Time. Some Videos Are Uploaded During SEO, And After Uploading Some SEO.


Here Is The End Of Today’s Article On YouTube SEO. I’ll Write More Articles On SEO Ahead Of Time. If You Like This Article, Please Share It With Your Friends. If You Have Any Questions, Please Comment.


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